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node.js angularjs mongobd web development

Node.js, MongoDB, AngularJS Web Development

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform built on Chrome´s JavaScript runtime for fast and scalable server-side and networking applications. Being an interface to the V8 JavaScript runtime, it enables event-driven programming to the web servers through super-fast JavaScript interpreter that runs in the Chrome browser.

Node.js is highly scalable and provides high performance due to even-driven model,it can handle many concurrent requests at the same time and easily scalable over cloud environments.

node.js handles large amount of request and process them to get the desired output, is mostly used by Large Analytics and Monitoring companies. Node.js can handle server-side proxy with ease when collecting data from multiple source points with a different response rate. Real-time audio and video data encoding are utilized with Node.js during data upload, simultaneous processing is possible too. WebSockets and express.js, Node.js is the optimum choice to build a lightweight, data-intensive, low processing chat application.

Benefits with Node.js Development

  • The fast suite.
  • Go With Data Streaming.
  • Present Everywhere.
  • Real-Time Web Applications.
  • Solves All Database Queries.
  • Easy On Coding.
  • Dynamic NPM.
  • In Charge With Proxy Server.
  • Rise In Productivity.
  • Platform as a Service Hosting.
  • Good With Sync Issues.
  • Very Community Friendly.

Angular JS is one of the best Open Source MVC Javascript frameworks available to craft rich single page, cross platform application and front end. With AngularJS, we do web application development and mobile application development.

Benefits with AngularJS Development

  • Lightweight, app performance is very fast.
  • Best tool for building a realtime, dynamic data rich web frontend.
  • Memory optimised so can run on mobiles without any delay on the UI.
  • OOJS is on the core of the framework.
  • Rich Developer Guid and API Reference documentation

Feel free to contact us for any queries on Nodejs MongoDB, Angularjs web development.

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