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development process


  • Our Engagement Process

  • Getting started is easy

  • 1. Our US Technical Expert will talk you to understand your technology and define the project requirements.
  • 2. We will Submit a Proposal which will include a cost estimate and delivery date.
  • 3. We will send you our Master Agreement and a Statement of Work to be reviewed and executed by your management.
  • 4. Our Team Lead Starts Working with your engineering team. Often this can be a month of our team lead working onsite to get knowledge transfer and integrate with the onshore team.
  • 5. The Team Lead will work with your Project Manager to come up with a development process, schedule and other aspects of working together.
  • 6. The Team Lead will Submit weekly Report to keep your Project Manager informed of the progress.
  • Our Development Process

  • We have fine-tuned our development process, which is based on the Agile Software Development Methodology Depending on the point where we engage with a company, we can write the Functional Specification, Create The User Interface Design Document (UIDD) and Software Architecture Design Document (SADD) and then build a project plan for implementation.
  • With Agile, our monthly deliverables breaks down into 3 weeks of development followed by 1 week of test and debug. We support our process with industry standard tools of Subversion and Bugzilla. We also have experience working within a customer's own development process and toolset.
  • We work as part of your team. We provide the infrastructure, human resources, Admin support and personnel management functions,and then utilize a process that encourages your technical and project manager to engage with the offshore team as an extension of your existing team. In this way,the day to day interactions between engineers can take place just as if the team was in the same building.
  • Our QA Process

  • QA Engineering is valued part of Our Company - with a culture that supports rigorous testing.
  • Our QA process starts with an understanding of your domain and the product requirements. From there, our trained QA Engineers develop a test plan based on industry standard tools and methodologies, including Equivalence Class Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis and Orthogonal Array.
  • Test cases are constructed and documented. Based on the client need, we can also implement an automated testing strategy.
  • Our QA methodology is geared to fit in with our Agile Software Development methodology, providing seamless, one-stop shop for augmenting your onshore engineering team.
  • Web Design

  • Basic Website Design
  • Lead Generation Websites
  • Basic Functionality Websites
  • Semi Dynamic Wesites
  • Product Plugged Websites
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  • Web Development

  • Web Portals
  • Community Portals
  • Wedding Websites
  • Event Websites
  • Dating/Matrimonial Websites
  • Auto/Car Listing Portals
  • Realestate Portals
  • Software Applications
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  • Mobile Apps Development

  • Web Apps
  • iOS Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Cross Platform Apps
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